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You can't keep a good fish down. For years, centuries even, the striped bass, affectionately known as the rockfish, has been a staple in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Rumor has it that this strong-willed species was once so plentiful, the early settlers used it to fertilize their fields.

Today, the beloved striped bass population is back to magnificent numbers. That's what Rockfish Graphix is all about. Longevity. Strength. Perseverance. It’s a symbol of what’s possible. When you put your mind to something important.

Rockfish Graphix is a full-service visual communications and web site development company located in Richmond, Virginia. We provide web site design & development, graphic design, multimedia, user interface design, branding & identity design, and printing services to businesses, government and nonprofit organizations. Rockfish Rockfish Graphix WebsiteGraphix has developed efficient methods building strong relationships with our customers to deliver quality results.

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